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Our Experienced Supply Chain Design Solutions Team Is Ready to Meet Your Needs

From product implementation, support and training to customized solution development, LLamasoft offers comprehensive consulting and support services to meet your organization’s supply chain design requirements. Our services include:

Supply Chain Design Consulting


LLamasoft Professional Services team members are experts in supply chain technology and best practices and have worked with hundreds of customers to deliver successful supply chain design projects. LLamasoft offers our customers flexible options for contracting the right amount of expert support from our Professional Services team. Options range from hourly support to fully outsourced project delivery. LLamasoft has supported more than 2,000 supply chain design projects across a variety of industries.

To discuss your specific requirements or to arrange for a customized consulting proposal, contact LLamasoft at 866.598.9831 or find an office.

LLamasoft Training

The LLamasoft training program provides expert-led product training courses as well as instruction in strategic supply chain modeling techniques and methodologies. LLamasoft has designed a wide variety of course options in order to fit the needs of customers just getting started in supply chain design all the way to advanced modelers looking for specialized instruction. We offer training at regional locations in the U.S., Latin America and Europe, or on-site at your own facility.
Email training@llamasoft.com for personalized training options.

LLamasoft Product Training Can:

  • Help you identify greater supply chain cost savings
  • Improve service levels and reduce working capital
  • Enable you to engage with your supply chain strategically and tactically
  • Promote continuous network improvement
  • Simulate inventory flow to evaluate risk and opportunities through multiple scenarios
  • Ensure plans are both optimal and feasible
  • Facilitate bigger, faster and more complex supply chain and inventory flow models with flexible model building
Courses in North and South America
Courses in Europe
Free eLearning Courses

Technical Product Support


Our customers are fully enabled to get the most out of LLamasoft technology and tools through a knowledge portal and resource center available from any web browser in the world, at any time. Supply Chain Guru users have access to Support.LLamasoft.com, which acts as a gateway to a vast array of resources, data, tools and knowledge.

In-product Help: Supply Chain Guru contains a detailed, context-sensitive help system that is installed with the software and is regularly updated through the auto-update feature.

Online Help: Extensive additional reference materials, discussions, tips, techniques and conceptual material are available in the extended online help system.

Model Library and Tutorials: Hundreds of sample models and step-by-step tutorials are ready for download to help clearly illustrate how to model the many complexities of your supply chain.

Video Library: Experienced coaches and consultants show you the ropes one click at a time.

Monthly Support Webinars: LLamasoft product experts host a customer support webinar each month, highlighting new product features and tips and tricks. All webinars are available for on-demand viewing on the Support Website.

In addition to these resources, the LLamasoft support team is staffed with supply chain design consultants knowledgeable in our technology and supply chain design concepts and ready to answer your questions. To reach technical support for customers, dial 866-598-9832

Supply Chain Design Workshops

Whether you are considering embarking on your first supply chain modeling project or building a center of excellence, a solid understanding of the technology and methodology behind the growing practice of supply chain design can help ensure your project goals are met. LLamasoft has designed a series of supply chain design workshops based on knowledge gained supporting over 2,000 supply chain design projects and helping establish supply chain design teams for numerous global businesses. The goal of these workshops is to help participants understand the steps and components critical to the sustainability and success of supply chain design. Some workshop examples are below:

Learn More About Workshops

“The new eLearning Center gives a great introduction to LLamasoft’s suite of solutions. It’s easy to use and navigate, and it gives you both a good foundation of supply chain concepts, as well as hands-on experience in building different types of models.”

— Elina Stelman, Logistics Optimization Analyst, Unilever


LLamasoft Professional Services

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