Augmented Analytics Services

A Global View on Coronavirus Impact

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has rapidly spread across the world, causing an immediate disruption to human lives and business operations. Although the impact varies by company, we see few organizations that are not experiencing increasing levels of disruption. Understanding that impact and planning your best response to rapidly restore your service levels on a global scale is what we do at LLamasoft. We’re here to help.LLamasoft’s Augmented Analytics Service provides highly skilled analytics consultants to augment your existing resources to help you respond more rapidly to the onslaught of questions about how to restore services levels to the right customers. Expert trained modeling and analytics consultants will increase response rates and enable you to evaluate additional scenarios to make trade-off decisions on the most accurate information – just when you need it most and at discounted rate on extended engagements.

  • Immediate access to highly skilled data, analytics and supply chain expertise to enhance your ability to analyze COVID-19 business impacts and service restoration scenarios
  • Flexible program configurations to supplement your team with the right resources from data integration specialists, modeling, analysis and data visualization experts
  • Discounted services rates to help support your business needs if over an extended engagement period.

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