LLamasoft View on Smarter Design & Decision Making Success

Professional Services

Within LLamasoft we understand the intricacies of the success journey and focus on ensuring that not only the overall experience is exceeding expectations, but also that there is value creation and transformative growth in the process for organizations using our solutions to improve design and decision making. Our team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive set of services, guidance, thought leadership, and community engagement tailored to your needs and opportunities at all levels in your organization (from users to executives) to ensure value is being obtained, and with a win-win mentality in mind. Working together with our partners we can help you get started, accompany you throughout your journey, and accelerate your pace as you need.


The LLamasoft Services team has helped and empowered hundreds of global organizations to deliver the data-driven insights needed to make the right strategic decisions through modeling, optimizing, and simulating their supply chain operations. Working together with our partners we focus on providing the expertise and guidance to make projects, implementations, designs and decision-making value adding to your organization.


LLamasoft Services team members are experts in supply chain solutions and best practices and have worked with hundreds of organizations globally to deliver successful supply chain design and scenario testing projects while ensuring their capability to create value through our solutions. LLamasoft offers our customers flexibility in leveraging our services in order to achieve our joint value goals. LLamasoft has supported more than 3,000 supply chain design projects across a variety of industries. From implementation, modeling, and competency development advisory to temporary team capacity augmentation, LLamasoft is working together with partners to deliver the services required for your success.

Specific Consulting Engagements

Our services team experts can tailor specific projects, together with our partners, to ensure we deliver on value as well as transfer this knowledge and engage with your organization to help delivery on your competency development at the same time.  Every consulting engagement is in our mind, an opportunity to further help you develop this competency.

Extended Consulting Engagements

From time to time we understand priorities and times change, but we still want you to be able to continue to create value, so our services team together with our partner community offer the possibility of working for extended periods of time, supplementing your competency while we support you in identifying additional resources through our recruiting services. It is important in business to not miss a beat, so we can support you in this time of change, because we know the value that can be achieved.

Implementation Advisory

As you embark on the journey of smarter design and decision making with us and our partners, there could be a need to have direct advisory on our set of products, and guidance on best practices or custom development. Our services team is here to support you on that journey and supplement the teams involved with this additional coaching, insights and guidance as needed.

Solution Architecture Advisory

Developing a smarter decision-making solution that can add value to your business is as much art as science. From time to time there could be a need to have ongoing guidance on tailoring solutions to your needs in holistic fashion, as well as orchestrating different moving parts. LLamasoft offers oversight of the design of the solution, as well as participate in council and milestone meetings that would be relevant to ensure your ultimate success, along the project you are developing directly or with one of our partners.

Design Advisory

Modeling is not an easy task and creating a sound model to deliver the data-driven insights to address a particular business question and make recommendations implementable is something we want to ensure all our customers are capable of developing and scoping. Our services team experts from our advisory team, are there to participate in sessions, workshops, and meetings to help design and craft the approach, to support scoping sessions, and guide you towards the recommended and implementable solutions.

To discuss your specific requirements or to arrange for a customized consulting proposal, reach out to your Customer Success Strategist or Manager directly or contact LLamasoft at 866.598.9831 or find an office near you.

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To discuss your specific requirements or to arrange for a customized consulting proposal, reach out to your Customer Success Strategist or Manager Directly or contact LLamasoft at 865‑598‑9831