COVID-19 Customer Story

LLamasoft Helps $15 Billion Retailer Stay Informed Amid COVID-19 Chaos


As the COVID-19 crisis hit, a major department store retailer found itself struggling to keep tabs on all of the information it needed to manage through the ever-evolving disruption to its operating footprint of more than 100 stores. With the situation changing multiple times per day, it quickly became clear that the spreadsheet the company had begun using to track the impact of the outbreak on its employees, stores, offices and distribution centers was becoming too cumbersome to maintain. They needed a more sophisticated way to capture, track and share both internal and external data and metrics in order to make fast, informed decisions as the situation continued to evolve.


LLamasoft rapidly built an app to bring together all of the COVID-19 information into a single dashboard, categorizing and organising the data from the company’s complicated and hastily constructed spreadsheet to ensure that users could quickly locate relevant information. They also provided guidance on data collection and formatting to ensure that the dashboard could be easily updated each day.

LLamasoft also brought in data from its publicly available COVID-19 Newsfeed App, combining this with the retailer’s own data, like store locations and numbers of employees affected, providing a ‘heat map’ of infections together with a snapshot of the day’s impact.

To meet the customer’s specific requirements, LLamasoft integrated the solution outputs with their existing Tableau server which is available via the company’s single sign on, providing easy access for more than 50 employees who are using the app to inform their daily decision making.


In response to what was becoming an ever-changing set of COVID-19 crisis-level disruptions, LLamasoft delivered a tailored app that delivers vital business intelligence to the company’s crisis management team, executives and other business users in just four business days, providing an essential tool in helping the company navigate through the crisis.

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