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Demand Guru

Master Demand with Foresight

Dramatically improve demand forecast accuracy across your strategic, mid, and short-term planning horizons

Discover the true drivers of demand with machine learning

Demand Guru reveals the dimensions, drivers, and variables of demand to uncover 15% to 20% more accurate demand predictions—across short, medium, and long-term time horizons. Powerful machine learning algorithms self-learn and systematically identify which causal factors have the highest impact on demand so you can leave human subjectivity and estimation out of your historical demand analysis. With a more accurate understanding of the past, you can model future demand and demand ranges based on potential changes to causal factors – providing a greater accuracy even in long term planning.

Demystify and deepen modeling

Traditional demand modeling methods leave you with inaccurate projections and no way to look at the full picture. Now you can eliminate bias and reveal what’s truly driving demand. Machine learning algorithms extract patterns and group like-items, using extensive external data and detection of other factors – like promotions and cannibalization – on top of your historical data.

Broaden timespan and accuracy of forecasts

The further into the future you’re trying to predict, the more precision is critical. Extend your forecast horizon to gain a complete picture of what’s ahead. Dynamic machine learning algorithms self-learn and improve, so you have virtually no limit to your demand projection timeframe. Model scenarios faster, with greater confidence, for better decisions about capital requirements and network design.

Conquer cause and effect

Consider how both internal business factors and external factors influence your demand. Access our massive set of over 500,000 data sets of external indicators like GDP, CPI, labor rates and more. Easily adjust and test demand scenarios and sensitivities at all levels of granularity, for demand models with greater depth and clarity.


Of Organizations identified forecast accuracy and demand variability as a key obstacle to achieving supply chain goals and objectives


Of organizations indicated that they were experiencing moderate to high demand variation compared to the previous year

Who uses Demand Guru?

Demand Forecasters and Planners

  • Identify macroeconomic drivers and what-if analyses
  • Analyze price elasticity of demand
  • Understand halo-effects and product cannibalization
  • Model new product launches and product life-cycles
  • Model promotions
  • Forecast demand for mid to long-term

Supply Chain Designers/Analysts?

  • Build accurate future demand scenarios to test sensitivities as part of supply chain design process
  • Apply the right growth rates to products and geographies in order to test design robustness
  • Roll up/down business forecast to meet model needs
  • Explore key drivers of demand in supply chain considering external factors
  • Insight into product characteristics such as seasonality, intermittency, variability and life cycle
  • De-seasonalize/de-trend demand to remove known sources of variability as part of right-sizing safety stock

Business Leaders

  • Support long-term business planning
  • Better understand consumer buying behavior
  • Determine demand sensitivity to price and market changes
  • Easily interpret visual outputs

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Not only does [LLamasoft] integrate network optimization and vehicle route optimization, but it will also simplify our data input and output analysis, enabling us to quickly identify opportunities for freight savings in our supply chain.”

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