LLamasoft Recovery Index: Measure and track COVID-19 recovery by region, country and state.

Make Informed Decisions About Supply Chain Recovery

The LLamasoft Recovery Index combines several data sources to calculate a recovery status at the individual country level, as well as the state and regional level for the United States and other nations where data is available. Each location is assigned a score of 0 to 100 based on select mobility and COVID-19 disease and mortality data. Compare recovery scores and track recovery status across locations to help determine the appropriate course of action for bringing stores, distribution centers and manufacturing sites back online safely or to assess potential impacts to continued shifts in demand.

Because COVID-19 impacts continue to evolve, business leaders must consider data that extends beyond historic data, policies and information contained within their existing supply chain systems. By including readily available external data, enterprises can get a better pulse on the state of recovery and its potential impacts on supply, capacity, and demand.

LLamasoft has developed several AI solutions that leverage internal and external data to help businesses make smarter, faster decisions to use to adapt and evolve their supply chains resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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