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Rapid Apps

Purpose-built Applications to Solve your Business Challenges

Get a great solution – right now.  Rapid Apps are purpose-built business applications that solve a specific problem we’ve identified working with industry innovators.  Built with LLamasoft’s extensible low-code/no-code development platform and powerful machine-learning and optimization algorithms, LLamasoft’s suite of Rapid Apps offers a combination of standard and customizable features, shortening the time to value and ensuring your successful implementation. Business results typically within a 4 week implementation time.

Smarter answers are needed to solve new and continuously changing business challenges.  What problem can we help you solve today?

Fulfillment Capacity Planner App

The Fulfillment Capacity Planner equips managers with the ability to quickly perform what-if analysis to balance service level and cost by adjusting key operational levers.

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Vendor Fulfillment Planner for Amazon

Vendor Fulfilment Planner for Amazon combines the predictive power of Amazon demand signal data with innovative machine learning algorithms to enable better management on this important channel.

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Supplier Chargeback Analyzer App

The Supplier Chargeback Analyzer provides a sophisticated approach to automating the ‘5 Why’ method of root cause analysis. Instead of manually piecing together information to understand a single failure or group of failures, this app automates the root cause workflow and intelligently detects the true symptoms and trends behind service issues.

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