Advanced Analytics

Leverage your data to deliver business insights through rich visual analytics.


Modern enterprises generate an enormous amount of transactional data throughout the lifecycle of a product via sourcing, producing, and fulfilling orders. This data ends up either trapped in transactional ERP systems or written off to data cubes and data lakes where extracting it is cumbersome and time consuming, making it difficult to see the big picture.


The LLamasoft Digital Design and Decision Center provides access to world class analytics and visualizations that unlock exactly what is happening and why, to get to the “aha” moment and next moves, faster. Accelerate the maturity of insights with vibrant in-context analytics and drill downs that highlight operational trends, patterns and cost information, and a centrally stored living baseline that continuously pulls and preps data from the full supply chain ecosystem.

  • Put your supply chain in context with visualizations that highlight trends
  • Quantify the health of your supply chain before and after any change, to see performance across the entire supply chain
  • Monitor and track supply chain performance with a living baseline to gain a full view of the ecosystem and the policies that govern it
  • Model, track, monitor and share visualizations with a broad set of stakeholders, for more buy in and bigger thinking

Access to analytics and visualizations unlock exactly what is happening and why to gain insight and get to the next moves faster with complete confidence.

Better insights = proactive decision making to power innovation

With LLamasoft you’ll unlock a new kind of interconnected intelligence across each distinct supply chain function. Using the industry’s most comprehensive set of powerful analytics and scenario testing, you’ll have the data and insights to make real-world decisions with certainty and without the constraints of current operational policies. Greater insights enable better decisions to support innovation and transformative growth.

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