On-demand Webinar: Medtronic’s Journey to a Digital Twin

With 250,000 SKUs, 86 manufacturing plants, 57 distribution centers and almost half a million customers across 186 countries, to say that Medtronic’s supply chain is highly complex would be an understatement. With incomplete data from its existing systems, building supply chain models was difficult and time consuming – according to Jeff Chaussee, the company’s Global Supply Chain Network Optimization Manager, in the months it took their team to build a model, something in the supply chain had already changed, rendering the data semi-obsolete.

Originally part of the agenda for our recent LLamaCon NOW virtual event, watch this webinar to hear Jeff and his colleague, Lindsay Horner, as they share the highs and lows of their journey to a digital twin data foundation together with advanced analytics capabilities to enable faster, smarter decision making across the global supply chain, including:

  • The ‘What, Why & How’ of the Medtronic Digital Twin
  • Use cases
  • Rapid direct ship scenarios
  • COVID response levers
  • Key lessons learned

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