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The AI-powered Enterprise Decision Platform

The AI-powered enterprise decision platform delivering the science behind faster, smarter decisions across the extended supply chain. Get in on the revolutionary impact AI has on operations, strategy, and competition.

Better decisions start with data and math.

Decision Data Model

A digital model of the end-to-end supply chain enables you to fully or partially explore options, harmonize data across functional silos, and automate decisions.

Algorithm Library

The industry’s broadest set of enterprise-grade AI/ML, optimization and simulation engines enable smarter, faster decisioning.


Enabling better decisions through a personalized user experience.

Harness the power of a digital twin

The heart of your enterprise decision platform is your digital twin – housing the structure, operational description, policies and information that makes you, you. Explore insights revealed by incorporating data from previously unimaginable sources – connected, harmonized and leveraged to enhance understanding, prediction, cause and response. Enable automation and improvements to the speed and quality of decisions made by humans and machines.

Model Studio

Quickly generate models to enable what-if analysis, evaluate trade-offs and leverage advanced analytic engines to design optimal decisions, predict outcomes and prescribe actions.

Insight Studio

Visually browse through interactive KPIs, charts, graphs to discover options, evaluate trade-offs.  Discover predictive insights on critical actions and evaluate prescriptive solutions.

App Studio

Rapidly build no-code, personalized applications to business users to enable distributed decision making. Leverages advanced analytics engines and digital twin for integrated strategic, operational and tactical decisions.

Watch the transformative journey that led to the creation of Experience

Enabling better decisions through
a personalized user experience.

Learn how Belcorp deploys apps with for advanced supplier network optimization.

“Through this connected platform, we are able to create a digital twin of our end-to-end supply chain, which allows us to repeatedly test various scenarios and be prepared for any situation.”

Corporative Sourcing Director

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