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Data Guru

Complex data management mastered with LLamasoft

Data Guru
The most common challenge for supply chain analysts is data. Multiple source systems. Limited access. Different formats and structures. Questionable quality. Missing information. Huge volumes. As much as 80% of any analysis project can be spent collecting, synchronizing, harmonizing, and filling in missing elements – costing valuable time and placing decisions at risk because of delayed response.

LLamasoft’s data management solution was created to attack these challenges. Currently in use at some of the world’s largest organizations, Data Guru has been battle tested and proven to significantly improve the entire process of validating and blending enterprise data. Most importantly, the data collection process is seamlessly integrated with the the model-building process to speed and automate on-going decisions.

Integrated Supply Chain Design & Decision Platform: Connecting the Business to Its Data 

Modern supply chains require continuous analysis that is based on current data to ensure that decisions are made on an active representation of supply chain operations. Data Guru connects users directly to the systems that run the enterprise to build repeatable data transformation workflows that refresh model data. Integration with the LLamasoft supply chain decision solutions enable users to automatically build and run supply chain models.

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“Not only does [LLamasoft] integrate network optimization and vehicle route optimization, but it will also simplify our data input and output analysis, enabling us to quickly identify opportunities for freight savings in our supply chain.”

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