LLamasoft Digital
Design & Decision Center

Answer Bigger Questions, More Often.

LLamasoft Digital Design & Decision Center

The LLamasoft digital design and decision center enables continuous innovation beyond supply chain efficiency. Once you begin testing your supply chain options in the safety of a design environment, you’ll never go back to experimenting on the real one. With an end to end digital twin at your fingertips, you access immediate answers and can share your insights across functional teams to bring your decisions to life.

End-to-end data at your fingertips

LLamasoft Data Hub integrates all your existing supply chain data in one end-to-end data reference model. Its automatic gathering, cleaning and blending capabilities allow you to connect your key enterprise systems and harmonize the information into a single system of reference, powering your continuous questions.

It also

  • Gathers, transforms and refreshes your data in one centrally stored model 
  • Provides an End-To-End view of supply chain performance and policies across functional silos

LLamasoft Visualizer allows you to see your supply chain in a rich visual environment and quickly reveals It strengths and weaknesses. Visually explore supply chain information in a centrally stored, holistic view from end-to-end. See what is happening and why to know what to address. Then, use LLamasoft’s powerful modeling to design how things should work – eliminate inefficiency and optimize your supply chain to support your business changes faster.

It also provides…

  • Access to beautifully simple images of sophisticated data aggregation and analysis
  • The ability to rapidly assess your supply chain health and monitor key metrics
  • Insight into biggest areas of opportunity in your supply chain and continuous visibility for stakeholders across the organization

Instant visualization to accelerate insights

Design the supply chain you want and need

LLamasoft Modeler aggregates thousands of data points from your operational systems and captures policies, constraints and trade-offs for a full picture of your end to end supply chain. You don’t have to settle for myopic decisions with sub-optimal results. Instead, optimize performance across multiple supply chain functions to transform your business while balancing profitability, working capital, sustainability and desired service levels.

It also allows you to…

  • Tap into 20 years of research in advanced algorithms that power your supply chain innovations
  • Balance end to end tradeoffs
  • Evaluate the downstream effects of important decisions
  • Maximize your business results using digital models

LLamasoft App Builder allows you to put your supply chain decisions into action faster and at various levels across the organization. Build and deploy tailor made apps that compliment your existing systems and evolve with your business. App Builder puts the same powerful analytics and solvers into the hands of operational decisions makers that was previously reserved for only a few. This enables faster, smarter decisions across your enterprise increasing your ability to drive rapid change.

Make decisions happen

Build an authentic digital twin

LLamasoft Digital Design & Decision Center

LLamasoft collects data across the enterprise, including internal, transactional and policy data from your operational systems and external data including rates, location, weather and macroeconomic indicators. We organize this data into an authentic digital twin of your real-world supply chain. From there, activate powerful algorithms to run sophisticated what-if scenarios and reveal interconnected insights.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Not only does [LLamasoft] integrate network optimization and vehicle route optimization, but it will also simplify our data input and output analysis, enabling us to quickly identify opportunities for freight savings in our supply chain.”

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