Confidently Make Bold Moves Amid Rapid Change

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

The CPG industry is on the front lines of continuously changing customer preferences, while regulatory and commercial changes keep you guessing. On top of that, how do you balance the effect of emerging markets and devise strategies to face driver shortages? Survival depends on your ability to continually adjust the supply chain to changing market conditions, so your business does not risk losing market share and profit.

LLamasoft enables CPG companies to create a digital twin of your end-to-end supply chain. In a virtual version, it’s easy to experiment with new ideas in a risk-free environment, identify opportunities for cost savings, and empower people to rapidly put them into action.

Make CPG supply chain decisions smarter and faster

Through the lens of our prescriptive and predictive algorithms, mine your data for deep insights to drive decisions around:

  • Suppliers and Sourcing – Identify best product sourcing locations and ports, while assessing the impact of taxes and duties
  • Inbound and Outbound Transportation – Determine best modes, service levels, and strategies for meeting changing capacity and costs
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures – Confidently make fulfillment, replenishment, and distribution choices to combine supply chains for winning results
  • Capacity Planning – Plan for growth, seasonality, and labor, for next month or years in the future

Leading CPG companies partner with LLamasoft

Our CPG customers identify an average of 10.4% total variable cost savings while maintaining or improving customer experience.

Better insights = proactive decision making to power innovation

With LLamasoft you’ll unlock a new kind of interconnected intelligence across each distinct supply chain function. Using the industry’s most comprehensive set of powerful analytics and scenario testing, you’ll have the data and insights to make real-world decisions with certainty and without the constraints of current operational policies. Greater insights enable better decisions to support innovation and transformative growth.

“We began our partnership with LLamasoft on Supply Chain Guru 2.0 in 2003 and are still an active customer today. The reasons we chose LLamasoft back then are the same reasons we continue our relationship today: LLamasoft offers the most innovative supply chain design technology and the people we work with are knowledgeable and dedicated to customer success.”
Ettore Piccirillo,
Group CSE Director, Unilever
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