On-Demand Webinar: The Case for an AI-Enabled Supply Chain

Tariffs. Virus outbreaks. On top of it all? A customer who has not only grown more insistent that their every demand be met, but who is increasingly intolerant the moment it is not. Today’s supply chain is no longer a challenge – it’s a high-stakes, high-wire balancing act, with change constantly being introduced from previously unseen angles.

How is a retailer expected to navigate this ‘never normal’ business environment? And, is the promise of a supply chain made smarter by artificial intelligence the answer?

Watch this webinar to hear from RSR Research’s Managing Partners, Brian Kilcourse and Steve Rowen, as they share key findings from their global survey of senior retail executives across a wide range of segments including FMCG, apparel, hard lines and general merchandise.

Commissioned by LLamasoft, the research and report entitled ‘The Case for an AI-Enabled Supply Chain’ explores retailers’ key supply chain challenges and how they see the opportunity for artificial intelligence to help address these issues.

With the research stating that “the challenges highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic are not new, only more urgent” watch the recording to discover:

  • What these retailers rated as their Top 3 supply chain challenges
  • The major organizational inhibitors preventing retailers achieving a more efficient supply chain
  • How retail winners differ from others in their perception of the opportunities AI presents
  • The top use cases in which retailers are deploying and seeing results from AI and machine learning technologies

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