Risk and Resiliency Program

Creating a risk mitigation strategy suited to your level of tolerance and investment will better prepare you for future impacts to your supply chain.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder that unforeseen events can cause a sudden and significant disruption to business operations. While it is impossible to predict this kind of crisis, risk caused by various disruptions will be a part of your supply chain that must be contended with on an ongoing basis. It is critical for business leaders to have a clear understanding of disruption consequences to service levels and costs – and to design sourcing and network design strategies to support your organizations risk tolerance.

LLamasoft is prepared to help you develop an intentional approach to evaluate the current vulnerabilities, determine tolerance levels and mitigate supply chain risks when your organization is impacted. Using LLamasoft’s advanced supply chain modeling analytics technology and consulting expertise, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive, design-based approach to network risk management to:

  • Identify and Detect Network Risk
  • Determine Risk Tolerance
  • Proactively Mitigate and Build Playbooks

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