eBook: The Case for an AI-Enabled Retail Supply Chain

Key Findings from RSR Benchmark Report June 2020 Commissioned by LLamasoft, Inc.

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The retail supply chain as it exists today across many verticals was built primarily for operational excellence and economic advantage, not agility. The inability of these supply chains to mount a rapid and effective response to changes in the business environment has been clearly evidenced in the catastrophic impact of COVID-19 on availability, inventories, service levels and revenues.

According to new research from retail analysts, RSR, the most successful retailers are recognising the role of next generation technologies such as digital twins, artificial intelligence and machine learning to stay ahead of the game. More than half of ‘retail winners’ identify high value potential in every supply chain use case – from demand forecasting (80%) to last mile delivery optimisation (67%).

Download our eBook for a summary of the key research findings and takeaways including:

  • How retailers rank their current capabilities across critical supply chain functions
  • What they identified as the top challenges an AI-enabled supply chain could help them to address
  • The internal roadblocks preventing retailers from achieving a more effective supply chain
  • The top use cases for AI in retail supply chains
  • How retailer winners are positioning themselves to leverage next generation technologies in aggressive ways

With stark differences between the winners and their under-performing counterparts, the research findings are revealing.

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