Demand Modeling and Forecasting

Understand how external factors influence your demand to dramatically increase forecast accuracy in the future.


Demand planning approaches that rely on historical sales, with no consideration of external causal factors, are insufficient. It’s impossible to predict the impact of external factors and changes in economic conditions, and this pain is exacerbated by demand instability amid rising consumerism, shrinking product life cycles, and SKU and channel proliferation.


With access to over 550,000 time series data sets of external causals including weather and economic data, LLamasoft Demand Guru enables you to master demand attributes, drivers and variables for more accurate projections and more confident supply chain decisions. Traditional statistical forecasting techniques are augmented with significant use of machine-learning to drive substantial improvements in forecast accuracy.

  • Double-digit percentage gains in forecast accuracy
  • Ability to determine which external factors exert the most influence on demand
  • Reduced working capital and improved asset utilization

Harness the power of machine learning technology to identify the real factors impacting demand – going far beyond traditional forecasting methodos to enable dramatically better preditions of future demand.

Better insights = proactive decision making to power innovation

With LLamasoft you’ll unlock a new kind of interconnected intelligence across each distinct supply chain function. Using the industry’s most comprehensive set of powerful analytics and scenario testing, you’ll have the data and insights to make real-world decisions with certainty and without the constraints of current operational policies. Greater insights enable better decisions to support innovation and transformative growth.

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