Supplier Chargeback Analyzer

The Modern Root Cause Approach to Ensuring Reliable Service to your Retail Partners

For retail consumers, same or next day service has become the expectation. As retailers work to meet these standards, they are, in turn, emphasizing the same need for speed and reliability from their own suppliers. Retail giants are not only increasing their emphasis on measuring supplier performance but are also increasing their standards and the penalties applied for missing them. Suppliers must now spend significant resources to monitor and maintain their service levels and avoid chargebacks with each major retail partner.

The Supplier Chargeback Analyzer provides a sophisticated approach to automating the ‘5 Why’ method of root cause analysis. Instead of manually piecing together information to understand a single failure or group of failures, this app automates the root cause workflow and intelligently detects the true symptoms and trends behind service issues. Based on a configurable data framework, analysts are now able to evaluate performance at scale despite complex operations and process variations. Rich analytics provide valuable insights including:

  • Overall on-time performance and its impact on penalty costs
  • Recognition of all failed orders and the steps where issues took place
  • The impact of each step in the order-to-delivery process on performance
  • Identification of predictive factors of failure (who, what, where, when)
  • Relative financial impact of each factor on delivery performance

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