Vendor Fulfillment Planner for Amazon

Arm your Planners with Demand Predictions Generated from Powerful AI and Amazon Vendor Data Sources

The dominance of Amazon as the initial search location and preferred e-commerce platform requires a new level of focus for brands selling through this marketplace. Each product stock-out not only results in a loss of sale but decrease in product visibility, lower search result relevance and chargeback fees that hold back growth on the channel. Making sense of e-commerce demand drivers creates a new level of complexity for planners who require more than traditional forecasting tools tasked with turning searches into sales.

Vendor Fulfillment Planner for Amazon combines the predictive power of Amazon demand signal data with innovative machine learning algorithms to enable better management on this important channel. Planners will spend less time fighting data in spreadsheets and more time confidently acting on the demand predictions to avoid fulfillment issues and make intelligent replenishment decisions to support Amazon at scale.

The app provides

  • Amazon Retail Analytics/Amazon Vendor Central data driven order predictions
  • Identification of potential fulfillment issues before they occur
  • Operational response options to evaluate and select fulfillment options
  • Response automation capabilities
  • Visibility into the impact of demand volatility on fill rate

With our experienced AI retail specialists, we can work with your team to implement this app in approximately 4 weeks. Start your journey to smarter results today.


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