Optimising Total Landed Cost in Uncertain Times

Wednesday, November 25, 2020
9:00am GMT

Optimising Total Landed Cost in Uncertain Times

Using process and technology to improve visibility, flexibility, and accountability

Over the course of the last decade, we have seen an accelerated series of “one off” events that have had far reaching ramifications on global supply chains. These irregular and unexpected disruptions are difficult to plan for, yet the C-suite in both finance and operations are tasked with managing on a cost neutral basis and balancing risk in the face of ever increasingly complex supply chains. Focusing on strategies that benefit the long-term people/process/profits requires that leaders have greater visibility into varied supply chain scenarios to flexibly navigate around disruptions to move smoothly and profitably on to what comes next.

Experts from Grant Thornton and LLamasoft will discuss how to improve the speed and quality of your strategic financial and operational decisions.

Learn about:

  • The changing strategic role of Finance
  • How strong external forces are driving supply chain adaptation
  • Why to use structured data to drive decisions
  • The power of modeling options for intelligence-based decision-making around purchase, service, and environment
  • How to identify total landed cost and provide the ability to optimise whilst balancing risk, resilience, and sustainability

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