COVID-19 Demand Impact Analyzer

Analyze impact and improve short-term demand predictions for immediate response plan action

Within days, our experts map your demand data to COVID-19 datasets for better short-term forecasting decisions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically impacted customer behavior and supply chain operations, creating enormous disruption and uncertainty for teams responsible for planning what to do now. Companies have seen demand surge, plummet, or in some cases both. When a highly disruptive event like this occurs, time series forecasting methods may no longer provide actionable demand predictions as they rely on the assumption that the past is indicative of the future.

It’s time to rethink how you predict demand. LLamasoft’s COVID-19 Demand Impact Analyzer has been built exclusively to analyze and predict short-term demand in a highly disrupted world so you can make better short-term forecast and supply chain planning decisions. We have paired our demand expertise, data science talent, advanced algorithms and relevant data.

Now you can:

  • Incorporate your data with new COVID-19 virus trajectories and other new datasets for outside-in casual analysis
  • Gain a deeper understanding of demand shifts by measuring specific change points – what changed, when and how much
  • Improve short-term forecasting with proprietary algorithms, COVID-19 causal drivers, stock-out indicators, substitution analysis and hierarchical learning
  • Run multiple scenarios to gauge impact on demand predictions and make informed resource allocation and capacity planning adjustments
  • Perform sensitivity analysis with various levels of social restrictions

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